Main Street Mash on November 10th

We’ll be holding our first Main Street Mash at 11 a.m. on November 10th. Details below or here on Facebook.

Also, the new Facebook page is up… over on Facebook  For now, most group activity will be there. So if you use Facebook, please go there and like us. We hope to set an email letter up soon for you non Facebook users.

Main Street Mash Details:

Join Bicycle Lafayette on a friendly ride down Main Street Lafayette.
The only thing more fun than riding your bike, is riding your bike with someone else!
Where to Meet: Meet the Bicycle Lafayette riders at the fountain on the West Side of the John T Myers Pedestrian bridge at 11:00am.

The Route: We’ll be riding across the bridge and down Main Street to the beautiful box at 11th street. Then we’ll turn and head back home. Just a short ride to wind up the season and introduce our fair town to our little group!

What To Bring: A bicycle, some warm clothes, a snack or a drink, and a helmet (strongly recommended)

Parking: The Riverside Park offers some two hour parking that should be more than plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

After the ride, stop by the Riverside Skating Center for the Midwest Bike Polo Tournament. If you have never experienced Bike Polo before, you have been missing out!

It’s going to be a fun day for the whole family. We are hoping to get the Lafayette Police department to escort our little ride up Main street. If not, don’t worry, our experienced cyclists will take great care and make sure everyone is familiar with the rules of the road.


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