Bicycle Bling

Whenever I take my daughter to my favorite local bicycle shop, Virtuous Cycles, we always have to stop to look at the bells, streamers, and other assorted fun bicycle attachments aimed at children. Ok that isn’t entirely true, it just so happens that the bells and streamers are also located in the same section as the grip tape, those awesome cages that hold your coffee cup, and lights. It’s the bicycle-bling section. The section in every bicycle shop where you can find all the fun stuff that may or may not be practical for regular riding, but is certain to at least draw eyes on your next club ride.

The Skully K2

Lights are an often customized object. Some lights are purely functional, exploding thousands of lumens from tiny LED’s that brighten even the darkest trail. While others are more soft flashers that blip patterns meant to tell drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians “look our for me!” Typically the brightest lights often aimed at functioning as a headlight are more bulky and bland looking, again, functional not fashionable. The Skully K2 is poised to break the stereotype.

As a big fan of art, graphic design and especially designer vinyl toys, I have to say that when I first saw the Skully K2 I knew that I had to find one for myself. These bad boys come in 9 bright colours and are shaped into a skull who expels surprisingly bright light from his mouth and eyes. with a 1.5W LED bulb powering the headlight found in the mouth, this light provides plenty of vision for dark street riding. I’m not quite sure I would venture into the woods with just the Skully K2 as my headlight, but then again I’m a little afraid of the woods in general. The eyes provide wide angle lighting giving you a much broader line of site in the dark.

The power/setting button is hidden in the nose and when pressed can take your light from dim flasher, to full power headlight depending on how long you press down and hold.  The light runs at full power for about 5 hours and stays dim for 12. The Skully actually comes in two models, though I don’t know why you would even bother with the second model. The top of the first model contains a large solar panel that ensures you never have to charge your light. I have had mine on my bike for nearly a month and haven’t had to charge it yet. If you do find a need to plug in instead of taking advantage of the power of the sun then a mini-usb cable can be plugged into the underside of the light to recharge.

It isn’t often that function and fashion meet, but in the case of the Skully K2, they certainly do. Unfortunately SUN Enterprise, the manufacturer, has yet to find distribution for the lights. That’s right, the most you will find on these lights if you search around is a few articles talking about how nice they are…strange…seems like someone might want to capitalize on that?

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