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Cycle Cinema

For those unaware, during the colder months we decided to hold events that would be slightly more…weather friendly that would still promote cycling. One of the big goals of Bicycle Lafayette is just to evangelize the joys of bicycling. Obviously it’s hard to get even some of the most seasoned riders out into the snow and cold, let alone those that aren’t already fans. However, everyone loves movies and popcorn! So thanks to help from the amazing LaLa Gallery, we began holding movie nights where you could come get out of the cold and enjoy a movie…about or involving cycling! Our events were free, but we always ask for donations to help fund our initiatives.

Tonight we take Cycle Cinema to the big screen. The Lafayette Theater has decided to let us host our event in their wonderful, historic establishment and show our movie on their massive screen. Like normal, there is no cost to get in, but we will be taking donations at the door! The Lafayette Theater will also be tending bar for us, so those over the age of 21 may enjoy a tasty adult beverage while they watch.

Which brings us to tonights movie! We will be showing Lucas Brunelle’s Line of Sight. This is the first movie we have shown that might not be the best for children, but we will leave that up to you. This movie is certainly one not to miss. You won’t find it in video stores or on Netflix, I assure you. For years Lucas Brunelle has been strapping cameras to his helmet and going where no man with a camera has gone before. Now he takes us into the underground culture of alley-cat racers. Alley-cats are typically cityscape races where the rules are few. We may not condone or support what these guys are doing, but it really is something amazing to watch. These are some of the most daring, skilled, and talented cyclists you will see… not to mention absolutely crazy.

The movie runs just 60 minutes so we will also be trying to show the exclusive trailer to Bikelantis, a movie that will be coming soon to a Cycle Cinema near you. It was created, edited, and directed by Emmanuel Cervantes, who is a dear friend and member of Bicycle Lafayette. His movie features interviews with cyclists from around the world (and Lafayette and West Lafayette) who he has had the opportunity to sit down and speak to.

We hope you will come out and join us for this exciting evening of super awesome fun times and excitement!

But that’s not all!

Bicycle Lafayette isn’t just about holding fun events and talking about how awesome bicycles are. We care about our community and want to improve it for cyclists and those who could become cyclists one day. In fact, our mission is to promote cycling as a safe, viable, and healthy mode of transportation and recreation in Lafayette and West Lafayette. One big initiative we have undertaken is to push for a safe passing ordinance to be put in place by the Lafayette and West Lafayette city governments. You can read more about that initiative here and sign the petition to help us get this law passed here.


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