8 Reasons to Get on Your Bike Right Now

It’s one of the most common questions I get…believe it or not. Why should I ride a bike? We all know it’s good for us, but here are eight new reasons to ride, from helping you get a date to charging your phone.


1. Get fit and stay healthy by simply getting from A-to-B: Bicycling.com estimates a 130-pound person biking at a moderate 12-14mph burns 236 calories in 30 minutes—a 180-pound person burns 327. Seems obvious, yet how many people do you know who drive to the gym to burn those same calories?

2. Women prefer men who bike: A 2009 UK study found that women prefer men who cycle as a hobby over golfers, football fans, and fisherman. Need we say more, gents?

3. Powerful legs in more ways than one: Bicycles now offer conveniences once reserved for only cars. One such example is the Atom, a bicycle generator and removable battery pack that we designed to harvest power from the bicycle for your USB rechargeable phones, lights, and electronics. (A shameless plug from us, the authors!)

4. I’ll bring the wine, you bring the cheese: The romantic (and wine lover) will appreciate the Canadian artists at Oopsmark who designed a simple way to tote around a bottle of wine on your two wheeled steed.

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