Bike Month 2014 – Events are coming!

Believe it or not, National Bicycle Month is just around the corner in May. We have been working to plan several exciting events to celebrate cycling and those who love it, as well as to organize activities to encourage new butts on bikes. We thought it would be nice to toss up a quick post (ya, ya we know it’s been a while…we’re working on it) to give you an update on some of the events coming up in May.

Some of the details are still being worked out so we won’t be sharing exact dates and times yet, but you can keep an eye on our calendar page and Facebook page for details in the coming days/weeks. We are doing our best to get the word out on these events more than a week or two ahead so you can plan accordingly this year. If you are interested in sponsorship, volunteer, or other opportunities please email

Main Street Mash – Bike Month Kick-Off Ride for the whole family

Adult Trike Race with Friends of Downtown – If you haven’t seen the pictures of this amazing relay race, check out our Facebook page.

Star City Polo Tournament – Come see some of the hottest Bicycle Polo Teams from the midwest compete at our very own Riverside Skating Rink.

CycloFemme– Join us and women across the nation on this ride to celebrate women!

Ride of Silence – Across the country cyclists are hit and killed far too often than anyone likes to acknowledge. Just last year we experienced a death right here in Greater Lafayette. Join us and thousands across the country as we ride in silence in memory of our fallen comrades, home and abroad.

Bike to Work Day – It’s the 20th anniversary of BTWD! Come out for some coffee and conversation on your ride to work.

Bike to School Day – Hop on your bicycles with the kids and ride to work with children around the country.

Tour de Fun – We plan on sending bike month off in style with a ride to a beautiful spot of land where we will invite everyone to camp over night with us and enjoy some fine adult beverages, smores, and good times.

Lastly we fully intend on having some very exciting news to announce with our friends from the City of Lafayette. Last year was the year of West Lafayette. We’ve been working with the slightly more cautious city of Lafayette during the winter to help make cycling a priority in Lafayette and we hope to be rolling out some big news come May!

Spring is coming!


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